For the present the best way of displaying this database is in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet.

Versions Excel97 and Excel5 are provided on the links below.

The Spreadsheet gives details of all Casualties of Aircrew whilst on Training Sorties and Operational Missions from RAF Lichfield and its satellite airfield of Church Broughton.

From some Training Accidents where Aircrew were killed there were survivors and these will be updated as more information becomes available.

Aircraft losses in which there were no casualties have not yet been listed.

All aircraft are Wellingtons of various Mks unless otherwise specified 

The information on Cemeteries has been taken from the Web Site of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission In some of the larger ones there is an Area - Plot -Grave No.

If  you visit any of these Cemeteries please remember our Aircrew from Lichfield, in particular those from Australia who are a long way from home and relatives.

Should you have any information on the Aircrew listed or can add any more facts about these  accidents I would like to hear from you

Depending on your version of Microsoft Excel click on one of the hyperlinks below to view a list of Casualties and Survivors.